Office holders

The Members of the Managing Board

Ludwig VAN DER VEKEN, Secretary-General
Waldo MARTINEZ CACERES, Senior Vice-President
Geneviève BERNATCHEZ, Vice-President
Paul A. L. DUCHEINE, Vice-President
Darren STEWART OBE, Vice-President
Jacques LEFEVRE, Treasurer

The Special Office Holders

Martyna FALKOWSKA-CLARYS, Director of Publications
Antoaneta BOEVA, Director of the Documentation Centre
Aart Jan DE HAAN, Director of the Seminar for Legal Advisors
Alfons VANHEUSDEN, Assistant Secretary-General
Lars BJØRKHOLT, Member of the Audit Committee
Fabrizio SCARICI, Member of the Audit Committee

The Presidents of the Committees

Agnieszka JACHEC-NEALE, International Humanitarian Law
Eugene FIDELL, Military Justice
Stefan OETER, History of Military Law and the Law of War
Petra DITRICHOVA (OCHMANNOVA), General Affairs
Gianmatteo BREDA, Law of Maritime and Air Operations
Roland TROPE, Defence Procurement Law

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