The Society‘s statutory aim is to study and disseminate international humanitarian law, military law, the law of peace operations, and related legal domains. To this end, the Society organizes Congresses, Seminars and other events in various countries. The last Congresses were held in Rome, Italy (2003), The Hague, the Netherlands (2006), Tunis, Tunisia (2009), Quebec City, Canada (2012), Prague, the Czech Republic (2015) and Lisbon, Portugal (2018).

The most recent Seminars and Conferences took place in Beijing, China (2011), Santiago de Chile (2013), Galway, Ireland (2014), Ypres, Belgium (2014), Bogotá, Colombia (2014), Yaounde, Cameroon (2015), Lima, Peru (2016), Exeter, United Kingdom (2016), Stockholm, Sweden (2017), Bruges, Belgium (2017, 2018 and 2019), Dublin, Ireland (2018), Brussels, Belgium (2018), New York, U.S. (2018) and Geneva, Switzerland (2019). The Society gratefully acknowledges the substantial support by Host Country authorities, particularly by the respective Ministers of Defence and national (military) legal services.

Humanitarian Law